Surprise Birthday Party!

Tuesday was Hina Matsuri, but it was also my wife’s birthday! I managed to arrange a surprise birthday party – although Hana nearly spoiled the surprise a few times! We had an international dinner of Indian curry (Korma – made by me) and chriashizushi (made by Tomomi for Hina Matsuri) . After dinner we had a very nice cheese cream roll cake made by one of our friends, and we managed to fit all 33 candles on the cake too.

2回使っていた英語”managed to”はどう言う意味でしょうか?もっと例を聞きたいならこのリンクをクリックして下さい:

33 candles

33 candles

eenglishoita について

英会話&英数塾 2人のベテラン講師 楽しく、正しく’E'勉強できます
カテゴリー: Simon, 全部が'E'! パーマリンク

Surprise Birthday Party! への2件のフィードバック

  1. akiko より:

    Simon! Happy Birthday to your wife! & I don’t know you play AIKIDOOO!! I thought First I met you ”How MACHO MAN・・・” I’ll manage to grew my musle just like you!???(joke) I just manage to move to OITA. I’ll be back soon. See you!

  2. eenglishoita より:

    Looking forward to seeing you again!!
    Not really muscle macho man – moreビールバラマン!


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