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Hello all!  Well, I thought it was time I entered the twenty first century and stepped into the blogosphere. I had heard about it, but still have little idea what it’s all about. Anyway here we go………………

As you are all well aware, Golden week is steadily approaching and it’s usually this time of year I am getting ready for The Tour de Kunisaki. (This is a bike race held every year in Kunisaki).Unfortunately, this year I will not be taking part, as I will be spending some quality time with my baby daughter Lilly-Anne, who was born in October. (Of course I will be back in the saddle for 2010’s)

Getting ready for a warm up spin.

Getting ready for a warm up spin.

 The Last two years I have enter the B course which is about 120km and have finished 12th both times out of a field of about two or three hundred riders but not all the riders are competing seriously, they just want to enjoy the ride, challenge themselves or take in the beautiful country side. I guess for me, it’s about improving my time and pushing myself. 

Race numbers, certificates for 2007 and 2008

Race numbers, certificates for 2007 and 2008

The event usually attracts a very large group of riders, with 4 courses offering something for every kind of rider, young or old. A course is 160km which is known as a “Century” for all those that don’t know 160km = 100 miles and a century is another way to say 100. Next is the B course which is 120km, then C course which is 60km and finally D course which is 30km.

The starting point with it's beautiful coastline veiw, Sumiyoshi-hama beach park.

The starting point with its beautiful coastline veiw, Sumiyoshi-hama beach park.

Cycling is a great way to stay in shape, take in the beautiful scenery Oita has to offer and of course help the environment. So come on join the ‘Eco’ revolution, every little thing helps! Stay tuned for my next post!

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