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Hello again folks,   Jamie here!!

Thought I would bore you all again with more talk about cycling stuff. Well, the gods have certainly blessed me this month!, as I was able to scrap together a few pennies to buy myself a new saddle bag.  What is a saddle bag?? you ask!  Well, it’s a kind of bag that connects under your seat (the seat is known as the saddle – “cycling lingo”) that contains all your important gear. What kind of gear?? you ask.  Well, hold your horses, I’m getting to that.

Saddle bag and contents.

Saddle bag and contents.


So, as you can see in the picture the important gear is as follows:

Two spare tubes– in case of a puncture while your off on an adventure.

Quick blast pump nozzle and two gas cartridges – for inflating your tyres quickly. Maybe during a race or just when you can’t be bothered using your hand pump, which is usually always.  

Three tyre levers – for taking the tyres off , so you can put your new tube in.

Mini tool– in case anything needs tightening or loosening while your out on a ride. This one is a really good one, as it only weighs 92grams.

Cotton gloves – These are just so you don’t get grease and oil all over yourself while your changing the puncture.

I hope this makes ‘important gear’ a little clearer if not bad luck!!! 

  • ***** please be aware that the cotton gloves wouldn’t necessarily be viewed as important gear by all cyclist but it’s my post!!******

Anyway I guess you are all thrilled you read that!!   Watch out as there will be more cycling stuff coming soon!

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