Cycling Stuff 4

Hi folks, back again with some tidbits, to tickle your fancy.

The weather was great again yesterday, of course I had to work. Friday is usually my day at Wasada school. When the weather isn’t so good I usually take the mountain bike but, because yesterday was so good I took full advantage and took the road bike instead.

My road bike.

My road bike.

My bike is an Anchor. Guess what ! yes that’s right! it’s made by a Japanese company. Do you know which company ??

A. Sony                                                   B. Toyota                                                   C. Bridgestone

If you’ve answer A : you are dead wrong.

If you’ve answered B:  you are closer but, still not right.

If  you answered C:  you are a very smart cookie (well done!).

Anyway, that’s all for now. Jamie

P.S.  Hey you guys what’s going on ????  Get yourselves onto a bike and go for a ride.

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