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Hey Folks, how goes it? Jamie here.

The other week I went on the hunt for a stuffed toy!!! yes, that’s right …. a stuffed toy….. My daughter has fallen in love with a kids TV character (ワンワン), as soon as she sees him her face just lights up (it’s so cute!!). Well of course we needed to have one, so the hunt was on. My wife ordered one off the Internet but it would take a bit of time  to arrive. We checked  a couple of toy stores but, they didn’t have any. We found out from a book that the toy was sometimes a prize in a UFO catcher, so off we all went to Park Place. We looked around but unfortunately it wasn’t there. I was however surprised as to the kinds of things you can win these days like MP3 players and digital Cameras. I thought a digital camera would be useful as I would be able to take it cycling with me and not have to worry if it got broken, so I had a go but no luck!!! oh well maybe I’ll try again next time. If I win one maybe the pictures for my cycling stuff post will improve so keep your eyes peeled.

By the way, we found the stuffed toy at a popular kids store!

Anyway that’s all for now.

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