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Last weekend, the weather was pretty good, so I decided to take a ride out towards Taketa. From Inukai I took route 57 and all in all the ride was going pretty well, when suddenly something that you would rarely see appeared to my right. I was taken a back and had to look twice. I have driven along this road countless times but never spotted it so, I had to stop.I crossed over the road as I thought I needed to get a picture for the blog. I guess your wondering what the hell I’m talking about!!!  Well, It was a giant wooden penis on the side of the road.

The big P

 Now that’s something you don’t see every day!!  Apparently, when people want to get pregnant, it’s the place to go to increase your fertility and boost the chances of success. Well, needless to say no one was there ,so this could answer the question about why Japan has an aging population problem.

Anyway, after the quick stop I continued riding along route 57 and then I saw a sign for Chinda Falls. I am quite partial to a good falls and thought, why not?  I was a little concerned I might end up taking another road that ends up not going anywhere,but to my surprise everything was OK!. I found the falls and they are pretty good compared to Harajiri Falls which I don’t rate at all. If your tossing up between Harajiri and China Falls I’d go with Chinda.

Chinda Falls

Chinda Falls

I head home via Mie Town and got feeling I had put in a good effort and recharged the batteries for another week. I can’t think  of a better way to take in some sights and also get a great workout, it really gives you the best of both worlds.

Cheers and bye for now. Jamie


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