Meiho High School Video Challenge

I’ve spent the last few weeks doing an extended topic with Meiho students – we based the lesson around a Yomiuri article on Takoyaki. The students then practiced and performed a dialogue of a takoyaki stall in England. Here are the results:

First contestants were Taiki and Daiki (should be a TV comedy duo!!)

Next up were Arisa and Shihori …… listen carefully!!!

Tuesday came and Kaoru and Momoko were first up

Followed gamely by Yuichi and Sayuri

and a star turn from Airi and Shoko

The boys returned with Shoichiro and Ryunosuke

And last (but not least) Chisa and Ayaka


eenglishoita について

英会話&英数塾 2人のベテラン講師 楽しく、正しく’E'勉強できます
カテゴリー: 全部が'E'! パーマリンク


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