Summer Days

Recently the weather has been very unpredictable(!!) but we’ve managed a few small trips and adventures. The other week we went to the Akeno Festival and watched a dance performance and had food (in between hiding from the rain). Hana had melon candy floss, which gave her a green tongue!


I was more sensible and had beer and 地鶏。I got free 焼きおにぎり too!

Yesterday Tomomi was workins so me and Hana went and watched “Ice Age 3” – in Japanese so my enjoyment was reduced!!, then played in Park Place before going to Asahi Onsen and dinner at Ku-ta!

in my Shangri-la

in my Shangri-la

Good Daddy and Daughter day out

eenglishoita について

英会話&英数塾 2人のベテラン講師 楽しく、正しく’E'勉強できます
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