Rakutenchi Beppu

Hello Folks,

Jamie here. Been a long time hasn’t it? Sorry was going to put some stuff up about the fireworks but Simon beat me to it. So I thought I would tell about our trip to Rakutenchi. Lillyanne loves animals and being outside . I was amazed by the cable car, WOW that boy is steep!!! not good if your scared of heights anyway we made it up safely. First point of call was the Goose race, Lilly picked the pink goose but unfortunately he/she (i’m not sure) came second. After that we looked at many different animals and could feed some too.  We saw a very angry Flamingo also, in the enclousure was a very beautiful peacock that loved to show it’s feathers.

Lillyanne and I also decided to give the Merry Go Round a try but Lillyanne wasn’t so excited about it I think she prefers something a bit faster and exciting but she was too small for the jet coaster. I finished off the day with soaking my feet in with some small fish that come and nibble the dry skin off your feet. Very relaxing!!!  Don’t worry folks it wasn’t all go, dad was able to enjoy a beer and a an Onsen egg while Lilly drank her milk. Overall great day.



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