Cycling Stuff 8

Hey Guys, it’s been a while since the last cycling stuff. no need to worry I still get out on the bike though. Talking about I had a close call the other day. I was taking a quick spin to Beppu. I was down in the center of Oita stopped at the lights when I took off the back wheel just locked up. The first thought that passed through my head was OH NO! my bike is stuffed!! When I had a closer look the back wheel had popped off , the quick release had come loose. Thankfully no really damage was done a few scratches on the frame only,I was so relieved!. My advice to all you cyclists is to always check your bike before a ride. I am also lucky because at the bike shop I use, the owner always gives me advice on how to improve my riding, lets me know about upcoming events, has a great range of bikes and accessories and is good at his craft. If you are thinking of taking up cycling, updating your bike or just after some repairs give DAITO bike shop a go!!!!

Anyway stay healthy, stay cool  and see you out there!

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