Where has common sense gone!

Please note that the  views expressed here are Jamie’s and not those of E English School.

Well folks, you get to see alot of things when you are atop a bicycle it makes you wonder what ever happened to common sense. I thought everybody possessed  it, it was something we were born with but these days I am starting to wonder. Of course everybody is entitled to make a mistake or an error in judgement. I have made a few mistakes and errors of judgement in my time but come on folks if its all the time it’s not a mistake or an error in judgement it’s a lack of common sense. 

Example 1: The other day I was riding along when I saw something I thought no one was silly enough to do. A lady had her 5 or 6 month old baby sitting on her lap while driving . What was she THINKING!!!!! I had to look twice I just couldn’t beleive it!! NO COMMON SENSE!

Example 2: Now that a law has been introduced about not using mobile phones while driving  people have gone from holding their phones near the steering wheel while typing a mail ( maybe they have some veiw of the road) to typing down between there legs where they have no view of what is happening on the road in front of them. NO COMMON SENSE! 

Example 3. High School kids riding bikes two and three abreast. Yeah !no problem, you want to chat with your friends on the way home but when you see someone coming the other way what would you do?  maybe you’d make space so that person can get passed but oh no!!!  NO COMMON SENSE!

Of course there are many other examples but I don’t have the time to list them all. I wish people would start to bring back  a little COMMON SENSE , life would be nicer and a lot SAFER.



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