vespa シート張替え

2年前VESPAを買ったとき、”シートは硬いなあ”と感じたけど、クラシックのバイクなので、しょうがないと思いました。最近シートを張替えするか新しいシートを買うと悩んでいた。張替えのHPを見つけて、がんばろうと決めて。。。。。。。ショックだった!! シートのクッションなかった!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago, when I bought the Vespa, I thought the seat was a wee bit hard / springy / unresponsive/ and at time downright uncomfortable. Still, I thought,  a small price to pay for the class of riding a classic design. Recently I’ve been trying to decide whether to try and re-cover the slightly tatty looking seat, or invest in a new one. Economics being a priority I went for repair and found a site showing how to do it ………. only to notice something my scooter seat was missing….. the cushion!! Basically I’ve been perched on or between the springs in the seat for the past 2 years. I’m an idiot.

The finished version!!


I started by taking the seat apart, washing the leather cover to remove the rust stains, hanging it out to cancel the smell, then using some shoe cream stuff to clean and buff up the leather’s appearance. Then I sanded the rusty bits off the frame and re-sprayed it. I went to an old granny’s material shop and bought a block of cushion filling stuff, then cut it into a jigsaw of the vespa seat’s contours before wrapping the whole thing in a plastic sheet.

Side Shot


There were no clips holding the leather in place so I improvised – file clips and bulldog clips to hold it all in place, then washers tight against leather and bolt for the side (seat belt/strap thing coming from Yahoo Auctions soon). Finally squeezed my new seat back together and popped it on the scooter, before road testing my new pinnacle of comfort ……. what a difference!! New seat, new bike, and thankfully now, no need for a new arse!

detailed pictorial and Japanese language instructions at (if you can get over the poorly chosen initials you’ll be set)

The finished scooter!!

eenglishoita について

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