Trip to England Part 1

On December 23rd I travelled up to Fukuoka with my wife before leaving for England on the 24th. We had a really nice meal in Tenjin before going to bed early, as we had to be t the airport at 06:00!! When we checked in we got a lucky Christmas present. We had been put in seperate seats on the Tokyo-London flight and the economy section was full, so ……….. “Would Business Class be OK” said the lovely ANA staff member. “How much will it cost?” asked Tomomi. “No extra cost” said our ANA Santa Claus!!!

12月23日に奥様と24日の出発の為福岡に行った。天神のお店で美味しい晩御飯を食べて速く寝ました。次の朝6時におきて、空港に行って、チェックインで全日空のサンタさんに会いました!!エコノミクラスは満席と隣の席がなかったので 。。。。。無料でビジネスクラスにアップグレードされました。LUCKY!!

What  difference!! I sat in my luxury chair and stetched my legs out straight ……. and I still had about 20cm space between my toes and the seat in front.


The seats came with this lovely control panel – 3 settings of  1) Upright, 2) Relax and 3) BED!!!!!!!!!!!!

We settled in to enjoy the flight and our first meal was served. Better than most restaurants too! After the welcome glass of champagne I had a beef and persimmon salad for starter, followed by grilled fish with tarragon sauce, and a special Xmas parfait for dessert. In keeping with my new luxury travel they served SUNTORY PREMIUM MALTS too!


I watched 3 movies on the large personal TV monitor – “Batman Begins” was my favourite – had a sleep and arrived in London very happy indeed!!

In London we were a bit worried about the weather – my father and daughter had a 9 hour delay and a flight cancellation when they travelled – but luckily we arrived safely with only a 20 minute delay.


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