Trip to England Part 4 – the Nightmare Journey Home!!

04:55 am New Years Day. I should be asleep. Full of Guinness from the night before and happy. But no! My alarm has just gone off and I have to get up to go to the airport. What’s worse is the view from the bedroom window. While we were sleeping about 10cm of snow has fallen and I have to go outside and help clear the snow from around the car. We have breakfast and start checking the internet, but no news of any problems ….yet. We set of from my sisters house with this lovely view from the car windscreen

About halfway to the airport the phone rings. It’s my sister. “Your flight’s cancelled”. Mmmmmmm. What should we do? We decide to go to the airport anyway to see what’s happening. Roads get worse. near the airport there’s a car facing the wrong direction, stuck in the snow, and a taxi van off the road nearby. Mmmm. not looking good. Get to the airport and manage to park the car and sherpa it to the terminal.

Our flight has been cancelled but we change to the 12:15 flight, and phone ANA. They are brilliant – changing us to a later flight from London and being super helpful. Interestingly the 06:20 still hasn’t left the airport and it’s now 10:30 ….. 10:50 still no flights have taken off or landed. we decide to abandon the airport and take the train to London. Only problem ….. the subway isn’t running on New Years Day and the car park now has about 12-14cm of snow. We get the car to reverse out then it gets stuck. Pushing the car in the snow is not my idea of a great New Year!! Bye bye snowport!!

Drive very slowly to the station and luckily get seats on the train. The snow covers the North East but by York there’s no snow!! London is snow free and we take a taxi to Heathrow – expensive but the quickest way to get there. This time we check in but there’s no santa ….. Christmas is over and it’s back to Economy. Now there’s only 5cm between my knees and the seat in front!! And no champagne!! Arrive in Fukuoka after a very bumpy landing and drive sleepily to Usuki for midnight sashimi and beer. 日本ようこそ!(except the Nazi fingerprinting immigration staff at Narita)

I’m home. I’m tired. I’m working on Monday!!

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