Trip to Australia – Part 2

During our 4 days in Surfers paradise we of course, visited the major shopping centre Pacific Fair, this wasn’t so bad for me because we needed to get a swim suit for Lilly so we could hit the beach. Anyway it was a good time to go because we had a chance to see Santa. Lilly’s first time to see him. We thought it would be a great idea to get a photo with Santa and Lilly. Sound like fun ??????? Well not for Lilly !! who the hell is this strange bearded guy !! Tears start to flow in a big way. 


After the tears had stopped we headed off to K-Mart to get a swim suit for Lilly. We found a very cute one of a famous kids character Dorethy the Dinosaur .


The shops also have some very beautiful window displays for Christmas.

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英会話&英数塾 2人のベテラン講師 楽しく、正しく’E'勉強できます
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