Trip to Australia -Part 3

After spending all that time we thought a little bit of fresh air was needed. Luckily , across from the shopping centre was a beach-side park. It was fantastic, there was a sound stage that had a band playing,  there were many things for the kids to play on and lots of beach. While in the park Lilly noticed some balloons stuck up in a tree, so we wandered over to have a look. There were two girls dressed like santa’s elfs so as a joke I said ” you guys are santa’s elfs you should be able to do some magic and get them down”  she said “just a minute” and before you knew it one girl was on the shoulders of the other and had the balloons down. Unbelievable!!! they were acrobats.

The only problem was with all those balloons was that the pusher would roll off by itself !  Next we came across the play equipment and had a little play. Lilly even went on the swing for the first time by herself ! After that we headed back to the shopping centre for a little snack, KFC. Now KFC is a little different to in Japan. In Australia you can get potato and gravy and also the chips have chicken salt or some kind of spice on them they are yummy!

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英会話&英数塾 2人のベテラン講師 楽しく、正しく’E'勉強できます
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