Trip to Australia – part 4 Breakfast

Jamie here,

One great thing about being on holidays is a chance to treat yourself. One thing I love and miss about Australia is a delicious breakfast at a cafe. When I lived in Australia I used to go out for breakfast on a Sunday at least once a month. A great feed, a good cup of coffee and the newspaper, the perfect start to a relaxing Sunday and made even more perfect if the sun is shinning. So anyway back to the story at hand, so while we were in the Gold Coast we were able to enjoy some of those great breakfasts. My wifes favourite cafe in Broadbeach is called Madison’s they have a good breakfast so it’s pretty popular, and no need to worry, if you like a sleep in they serve breakfast all morning.Here are some of them : 

Delicious !

Basic but fabulous!

So good!

Of course you need to eat some baked beans otherwise you are just missing out on the whole Australian experience! 

oh yeah!

There is nothing better than heading out to breakfast to start a nice lazy day, and especially if you’ve had a few beers the night before. Highly recommended!!!!!!! 

Keep your eyes open for part 5.

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