Trip to Australia – Part 5 BBQ

Of Course you have all heard about the famous great Aussie BBQ. We Australians love our BBQ, it is true Aussie fair. Sunshine, beer, meat , good times and flies(not always welcome but part of the landscape). When I go home to Australia I always go to my brothers house for a BBQ and this time was no exception. It was a little quieter than the last time I went home (last time I went home we drank until 3 or 4 in the morning), but still good! First we put on the kebabs !

Taja the dog, Asher my nephew and the BBQ!

 Sorry did Isay we ,I mean my brother.I took the chance to get to know my new nephew and play with lilly on the trampoline.

Hey dad !jump some more!

 After all that playing around lunch was ready! even Taja was excited!


Time to eat!

Lilly was even nice enough to get a beer for her dad. What a wonderful daughter!! Now this is living, simply perfect.

Delivering the beer. Important Job!

Look out for part 6.

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