Kuju Log house holiday

Mondaymarked the beginning of the last week of my sister’s family holiday in Oita. We booked a log house in Kuju ( http://homepage1.nifty.com/satouno/seiza/seiza.htm) for Monday night, complete with barbecue!! Unfortunately, the rain between Oita and Kuju was typhoone-esque!! After a difficult journey we settled down and waited for the rain to stop. Luckily it was dry by 5 o’clock and we had a nice long barbecue, before going out to look at the night sky. The sky was beautiful – the absence of light pollution meant millions of stars were visible above us!!

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The next day we awoke to much better and sunnier weather. We set off for the Kokonoe Yume Ohashi bridge (http://www.yumeooturihashi.com/)  I’d been wanting to go since it opened and I wasn’t disappointed. The views from the bridge were breathtaking. Afterwards we stopped off at Kyusuikei Onsen (http://kyusuikei.com/) and then had a nice relaxing drive through the gorge. A perfect 2 days away!!

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