Kuju Flower Park Illuminations

Yesterday evening we drove out to Kuju to see the night time illuminations at the flower park. We got there at about 17:45 just as it was getting dark. The park was quite busy, and the spectacle inside was well worth the trip. The main area was lit up by lights changing colours, with music playing in the background. There were food stalls selling a range of hot Autumn foods, and also a telscope area where you can watch the night sky! We saw a really clear view of Jupiter through the bigger of the 2 telescopes, along with a very bright (nearly) full moon.

After the park we drove over to one of our favourite hot springs, Resonate Kuju (http://www.resonate.co.jp/). We arrived a little after closing time but the staff kindly let us go in. I had the men’s onsen pretty much to myself – a very relaxing end to a very enjoyable day!!

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