On Monday I promised to take Hana to play in the snow – last year when she went to England she enjoyed making snowmen and snowballs so she was very excited about snow coming to Oita ………….. but it doesn’t really snow in Oita City!! We set off at lunchtime, stopping at Ku-ta Ramen for food, and arrived in Beppu around 1:30 BUT ……. no snow in Beppu!

We decided to drive up to lake Shidaka to find some of the white stuff. The lake at Shidaka was frozen but there was only a tiny bit of snoe left. we made a few snowballs but it wasn’t the real thing! Next stop Yufuin – we went to KinRinko but hana was unimpressed by the snow-less scene so we drove back up the mountain. between Kijima and Yufuin ……………. Jackpot! 

Proper snow! We made a snowman, had a snowball fight and had a whale of a time. Going back on Friday, this time with hana’s sledge!

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