Funai pachin

Last weekend was the famous Oita Funai street festival – Funai pachin. (I hope I spelt it correctly!)
On Saturday myself, my wife and my son headed into the city to take a look. A normal 10 minute drive took a good 40 minutes given the amount of cars heading the same way to do the same thing!
The drive was worth it though.
I’m sure I speak for the rest of Japan when I say that Japan really knows how to do a good festival! Jam packed with people all having a great time.
During my three years in Japan so far I must’ve been to around half a dozen festivals and I have never seen the slightest hint of trouble.
Maybe a blight on western society that on too many occasions, that I have experienced, when people get together in large groups in combination with drinking alcohol, trouble is a given thing.
All in all we had a great time. Anyone planning a visit to Japan in the summer season must try and check out a festival or two!! You won’t be disappointed!!



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