Weddings 結婚式

On Sunday I attended my wife’s cousin’s wedding in Kitakyushu. I tell ya Japanese people really do spare no expense when it comes to weddings! My experiences of weddings in New Zealand and Australia is largely a fun party atmosphere day whilst celebrating the union of your friends or family. Many people choose to have a wedding whilst trying to save money wherever possible. My parents are a good example, they got married in our backyard!
Japanese weddings are a different kettle of fish. Gourmet food, intricate decorations, elegant outfits, meticulous preparation, Photo and video shows, gifts for all guests to name a few things that are fairly part and parcel at a wedding in Japan. From what I have heard since being in Japan it is not uncommon for a Japanese wedding to cost in the vicinity of ¥3,000,000. (NZ$38,000) Wow that’s a new car or a deposit on a house or a round the world trip! And then of course there is the honeymoon which most Japanese couples will do after the wedding! In saying this, wedding in Japan doesn’t have to be that expensive. It is standard practice for family members to bring a monetary gift of around ¥50,000 and friends to bring a gift of ¥30,000. Also bosses and parents often give more. If you choose to spare some expense at your wedding you can come out even!

日本の結婚式は全く別問題です。グルメな料理に、手の込んだ装飾品、優雅な装い、細かい準備、プロフィール写真や映像、引き出物などなど、。。。これらは日本の結婚式の要点です。私が日本に来てから聞いた限りでは、300万円程結婚式の費用がかかる事は珍しい事ではないと言う事です。Wow! 300万円というと、車や家の頭金や世界一周旅行に行ける金額です!そしてもちろん、多くの新郎新婦が結婚式の後に新婚旅行に行きます。でも全ての日本の結婚式がこうであるとは限りません。お祝いは、家族で出席すると5万円、友達だと3万円が一般的とされています。また、上司や両親からはもっと多くお祝いします。もしあなたが費用を抑えた結婚式を選んだらプラスマイナスゼロになります!



•Spare no expense – 費用を惜しまない、お金に糸目をつけない – don’t try to save money on expenses

•Different kettle of fish – 別問題、別の事柄 – totally different meaning/subject.

•Part and parcel – 重要な部分、要素、要点 – normal occurrence or thing.

•To come out even – プラスマイナスゼロになる、差し引きゼロになる – not lose any money after spending (after spending betting or investment) to receive spent money back.

•Gourmet – グルメな食べ物 – high quality delicious food.

•Intricate – 手の込んだ – fine detail

•Elegant – エレガント – Graceful, beautiful

•Meticulous – 細かい、几帳面な – extremely careful, without error


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