Good bye Matt.


4年前に私はE Englishで働き始めました。当時は英語教育の現場においては新人でしたが、よりよいクラスを作ることに一生懸命でした。

そして、3年前、オリバーと共にビジネスパートナーとなりました。この3年間は、教える事はもちろんの事、学校を良くしていこうとするビジネスについてを学んだ非常に貴重な時間でした。そんな環境に感謝し、人生の次のステップに進めるよう、今日がE Englishでの最後の日となります。

また、オリバーとマークに、引き続きE EnglishとHouse Of Englishがうまくいくように願っています。


Hello everyone. It is with mixed emotion that I write this final blog. Around four years ago I joined Simon and Oliver at E English school. I was fairly new to the English teaching world but very eager to make an impression. I was very fortunate to be working alongside some very experienced teachers in Simon and Oliver. I was able to quickly mold myself into the kind of teacher that I wanted to be. Three years ago I became a partner in the business alongside Oliver. Since this time I have learnt many valuable lessons. It is with appreciation of the opportunities that were put before me, and eagerness to begin the next chapter of my life, that I announce today is my final day with E English School.
I thank all the students I have taught over the last four years and I wish you all the best of luck for the future. I am very grateful to have been someone who has been able to help in opening the door to your English world.
To Oliver and Marc I wish you all the best in continuing to take E English and House of English forward.
I will remain in Oita so I hope to run into you all sometime!!



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